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Spring ’23 Release 2

Executive summary

We’re happy to announce the latest updates to Provar Automation, Provar Manager and University of Provar with our Spring ’23 Release 2. This latest release is now available in the Provar Success Portal

In general, this release comes with performance enhancements. Provar Automation users must  update to  experience the latest product features and enhancements. We strongly recommend that updating is beneficial.

Automation v2.9.1 at a glance:

  • Dynamic form field information is displayed on Test Builder
  • Support for PDF reports when tests are executed via ProvarDX
  • Auto Paginate supported in search results table 
  • Skipped test details in Test Cycle reports
  • Embedded pie chart in Test Cycle and Test Run reports
  • Support lightning web components with custom templates

Manager v2.17.0 at a glance:

  • Provar Manager AI: Test Case Generation
  • Report on Flow coverage
  • Trigger test executions from Flows
  • Org browser to import metadata into PM
  • Assistant to define test case’s metadata coverage
  • Plugin Marketplace now includes non-AppExchange apps and allows users to easily update Provar Manager itself
  • DevOps engineers can leverage 2 new Flow templates to add automated testing to their pipelines: Run test cases and Run metadata-related test cases
  • Apex unit test metadata coverage

Access world-class customer support at the Provar Success Portal

Providing ongoing support is a part of our promise to help you deliver robust, scalable and repeatable testing to achieve release agility, drive down system errors and get the maximum return on your Salesforce investment. If you have any questions regarding any of the changes in this release, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to help. To raise a case, simply log on to the Provar Success Portal and click Raise a Case.

Important Information

With the new Ventura update(13.2); Provar 2.9.1 version now works on MacOS Ventura. There is no dependency on Java 11 and eclipse upgrade.

Useful Information

If you are upgrading Provar Automation from a version prior to v2.7.2, then delete the .configuration folder; install Provar Automation v2.9.1 and import your old project into a new workspace.  


Chrome 109 and 110 compatibility

As part of our pre-release testing, we are happy to confirm that Chrome versions 109 and Chrome 110 are both compatible with the Provar Automation v2.9.1.

Who does this impact?

Provar customers who are currently using or would like to upgrade to Chrome 109 and 110

Why is this important?

Ensuring that ChromeDriver 109 is compatible with Provar Automation v2.9.1 eliminates the risk of incompatibility issues which could prevent test cases from working as expected.

How can I use this?

If you would like to upgrade to Chrome 109 or 110 we recommend that you upgrade to Provar Automation v2.9.1 version, which will use ChromeDriver 109 out of the box.

In general, Provar Automation will automatically attempt to download the correct ChromeDriver if it detects a driver exception. If your organization’s security protocols block the automatic download, you can override the ChromeDriver manually. 

To downgrade or revert the ChromeDriver you can refer to this support article that explains how to use a ChromeDriver that is different from the one provided by default in your Provar Automation installation.

What are the browser and driver combinations that you recommend for Provar v2.9.1?

Please refer to the Browser and Driver Recommendations support article for a comprehensive guide. 

Packaged ChromeDriver for v2.9.1

Provar Automation v2.9.1 is packaged with ChromeDriver 109.

University of Provar

New Course! Accessibility Testing 

University of Provar (UP) has launched a new course Accessibility Testing. You’ll learn the functions of Web accessibility and how to effectively carry out this testing. Visit UP to learn more!

Provar Automation

Embedded Pie Chart in Test Cycle and Test Run reports

Test Cycle reports and Test Run reports now show the pie chart embedded in the email body just as the Test Plan Execution email has. Provar customers can now see the same level of detail and the content of the test results is consistent. 

Skipped test details in Test Cycle report

The Test Cycle Report and the pie chart will also show the skipped test cases details just like Test Plan and Test Run Reports.

Consolidated PDF reporting through ProvarDX

Provar users can now see a consolidated PDF report. ProvarDX now supports PDF reporting of Test Plans so that they can read the outcome of the test plans that were executed using ProvarDX.

Dynamic Form Field Interaction in Test Builder 

In the Test Builder, users can now see the information about the Dynamic Form field that they are interacting with and can ensure they are interacting with the right field and can understand why it is shown on the page.

Above: Snapshot of Dynamic Form field interaction  in Test Builder.

Support lightning web components with custom templates 

Provar users can now work easily with custom lightning web components in lightning pages with custom templates.

Lightning pages can be standard and custom templates. Generally, custom lightning web components in all the standard templates are supported by Provar; it is now possible for custom templates as well.

Auto Paginate supported for Search Results 

The Auto paginate checkbox is enabled in  the ‘With rows’ of the search table. In the Einstein Search table (having multiple rows with vertical scroll) screen, users can map a field from the table and execute the test case.

Above: Snapshot of Auto Paginate checkbox in Provar.

Enhanced integration with Provar Manager

Experience enhanced integration with Provar Manager. The highlights are:

The highlights are:

  • Set Test Plan Schedule when reporting Test Cycles – The ‘Is Automated’ checkbox is set to ‘True’ when a test case is uploaded from Provar Automation.
  • Set ‘Status’ to ‘Changed’ on the upload dialog when the test item has changed – Provar Automation will show in the upload dialog  the “Status” to “Changed” when a test item has changed and it must be marked for upload.

Above: Snapshot of ‘Status’ as ‘changed’ in Provar.

For information on how to use this integration, you can see updated information in the  support article, Integration with Provar Manager.

Set Test Plan Schedule when reporting Test Cycles

Users can now relate reported test cycles to their triggering test plan schedule and understand what executions were initially triggered by Provar Manager.

Provar Manager enhancements in this release

Stay updated with the latest information on Provar Manager. The highlights of the latest releases are mentioned below. We recommend you upgrade to get the exciting new features below.


  • Plugin Marketplace now includes non-AppExchange apps and allows users to easily update Provar Manager itself.
  • Testers can now specify which test suites and test cases to run on a Test Plan Schedule, regardless of what’s on the test plan. Salesforce (Apex) supports this new feature.
  • DevOps engineers can leverage 2 new Flow templates to add automated testing to their pipelines; Run test cases and Run metadata-related test cases.


  • Provar Manager AI (beta): leverage OpenAI to generate Gherkin test cases from user stories.
  • Added support for Flow coverage reports.
  • The new Org Browser allows users to import Metadata Components like Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Apex Unit Test, and Flows.
  • Users can trigger test plan schedules, code scan schedules, and coverage report schedules from Flows.
  • Users can easily select the Metadata Components a particular test case covers.
  • Apex Unit Tests Cases are automatically linked to the Metadata Components they cover.
  • Errors are logged when processing Coverage Reports.
  • The Plugin Marketplace shows which versions are installed and if they are behind the latest available release.
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