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Provar Manger Test Execution

At this point, everything is ready to start executing the test plan’s test suites.

Provar Manager helps you record the execution (manual or automated) and the results of your tests. 

You can:

  • Create a Test Cycle record under a test plan to indicate that several tests will run in a specific environment, using a particular device and browser.
  • Create Test Execution records under a test cycle for each one of the test cases that will be run. You can record the start/end time, and the final result, and attach any evidence to the record.
  • Create Test Step Execution records if you want to store results at the step level. 

Tip: test steps can be automatically copied from the related test case record by ticking the checkbox “Copy Test Steps?” on the test execution record.

  • Create Defect records at the test execution or test step execution level and link them to test case or test step records for traceability.
  • See the latest execution result in each environment from the test case’s record page.

Above: Snapshot of the Latest Results card on a Test Case record.

Managing Test Executions

The Test Executions Manager component can be found on each test cycle record. It  allows you to:

  • Add test suites, automatically creating a test execution record for each test case associated with the test suite..
  • Perform mass status changes on the selected test executions.
  • Search test executions.

Above: Snapshot of Test Executions Manager on a Test Cycle record.

Managing Test Step Executions

You can find the Test Step Executions timeline on every test execution record. With it, you can create or view existing test step execution results in a timeline view.

  1. Filter results by status (e.g. Fail, Pass, Skip, etc…).
  2. Activate Edit Mode to be able to edit every test step execution result.
  3. Refresh the timeline data.
  4. Copy test case steps into the test execution.
  1. Expand or collapse a particular test step result to see more information.
  2. Open the original test step.
  3. Open or Raise a defect related to the failing test step result.
  4. View information about the original test step.
  5. View information about the test step result.
  6. Browse attached files like screenshots.

Scheduling Tests

With Provar Manager you can schedule a test plan to run at different points in time by creating a Test Plan Schedule from the test plan record page.

Every Test Plan Schedule requires:

  • The System to be tested
  • The Tester to be associated with each Test Execution
  • A Status to define if the schedule needs to be run or not
  • The Testing Tool to be used
  • The Frequency and Time at which it needs to run
  • The Missing Test Case Strategy in case the test case does not exist in Provar Manager

Depending on the selected testing tool, it may be required to configure its settings by clicking on the Configure Settings button on the test plan schedule record.You can also choose to run the job immediately by clicking on the Run button.

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